Texts & Seat belts

buckleup-phonedown-900x1350Today I watched a professional driver rear end a nice little old lady. (I’m sure she was nice—She looked nice!) As he stood in front of his commercial vehicle on the Mass Pike, he had his phone in his hand. I know, and you know he was looking at that damn phone when he hit her. I know because I counted five, yes five people today looking at their phone as they passed me on Rt 90, 291, and 91.

I hope people change their ways…But will they?  Texting kills but there isn’t enough of a stigma yet like drinking and driving.   So you need to protect yourselves until texting and driving becomes the Anti-Christ of the highways.

So, I present to you a lesson I received in 1987 when I was a Truck Driver in the Air Force.  Our team had a visit from an ex California Highway Patrolman.  He was teaching us how to be safe, diligent and aware when driving.

I will never forget his speech, advice or words of wisdom…..And I have followed it to the letter for the past 31 years.

On that cold day at Loring A.F.B Maine he said;  “I patrolled the highways of California for 30 years…I have seen every type of accident and catastrophe you can  possibly imagine…But I NEVER pulled a dead person out of a seat belt”

Think about that…30 years..Never pulled a dead person out of a seat belt.  You can’t control people texting or anything else while driving–But you can buckle up.

Buckle up.

















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