It All Adds Up……

       Do numbers really mean anything?  Is there more to them than just a mathematical numbersequation?  My best friend was my Grandfather.  He died in 1998 and it was the worst day of my life.  He inspired me, and was the voice of reason in everything  I did or encountered.  He gave me advice  that I still follow today, like the principal of small steps, and compound interest.   Life isn’t about one great act, but a multitude of tiny steps  that lead to the goal.  On how dollars only multiply by watching pennies.  He also told me when he died he would always be with me..(And I thought, he would  never die!)

      This is where things take a strange turn. He lived at 606 Prospect Street. Without fail everyday that number comes into my life.  On my phone, car, watch…EVERYDAY!  Am I searching it out, or is he searching me out? 606 has become part of my life.  I like to think that it’s him keeping his promise.  I’m the  person I am because of a great man….Daniel Ross.   I know he comes into my life everyday.

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