Just say Þetta reddast


I love the holidays!  Family, friends, Santa, the re-broadcast of the World’s Strongest Man competition! What about all the stress you say? I say Þetta reddast.

Since Iceland has regained the World’s Strongest Man title. (Does anyone remember when Magnús Ver Magnússon owned the title for most of the mid 90’s?) I thought I would end the year on the positive message that Icelanders live their life by, Þetta reddast (Pronounced Theta-Retest) or “Things will work out”.

Just in 2018 Iceland won World’s Strongest Man, qualified for the World Cup, took three of the top five spots for the female World Cross-Fit Games, and made it illegal to pay women less than men for the same job. How can a country that was bankrupt ten years ago, with less population than Wichita Kansas, and about four hours of sunlight this time of year excel and progress at so many things? Þetta reddast.

Don’t think you can just hope for things to happen though. The key is to put in the effort and take action. Icelanders are “take action” folk. The Viking still runs deep, as does the yearning to be more, to be the best. Iceland has the highest per capita literacy rate in the world and usually ends up in the top five for happiest places on earth (Did I mention four hours of sunlight right now!) Icelanders take action with the right attitude, and Þetta reddast is the right attitude.

Don’t lie, cheat or steal and make sure to log in the hours and things will end up where they should be. Imagine living your life where you knew things would work out if you put in the work. What could you accomplish in 2019 with this mindset?





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