Ooops.. I did it again


An open  letter to everyone who thinks making a mistake makes you look bad. I’m here to tell you right here and now mistakes don’t make you look bad. Trying to cover it up, hide it, blame others, or bury your head in the sand makes you look bad.  Just own it..Fix it…Learn from it…Move on.

EVERYONE  flubs up now and again.  Who cares, as long as you learn from it.  Making the same mistakes time and again, is where the forgiveness ends.  No one wants to hear your excuses, especially if they are the same ones over and over.  We get it, things aren’t fair…Your boss/best friend/spouse doesn’t understand. Life sucks sometimes.  Guess what?  Life sucks for everyone sometimes.  Get over it, get over yourself, and move  forward.

What are you doing to make things better?  Are you in the best mental/physical/spiritual/emotional shape you can be in?  Why not?  Read a book, do some push ups, call your Aunt Tilly….Do something..Just stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Growth comes from pain…Pain comes from getting out of your comfort zone and owning up to your weaknesses and mistakes.  You know the right thing to do…Go do it. Just stop complaining and making excuses about it.



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