You Should Have Learned This When You Were Twelve

 Unscientific observation.  Our education system doesn’t teach students what the real world is about, especially when it comes to searching for a job.  In the past ten years I’ve posted dozens of job positions, and most job seekers just don’t get it.  I mean REALLY don’t get it.  So if this Blog entry gets in the hands of anyone who is looking for employment let me give you some ideas that will put you ahead of 90% of the competition–(The fact you are reading this is a great sign!)–So  here are my top ten favorite tips.

(1)-Dress up.  Shined shoes…Clothes in style…Combed hair—Even if you are going for a truck driving  job.  Show that you care. (I know, I shouldn’t have to say this, but you would be surprised!)

(2)-Show up on time.

(3)-I don’t care what you heard in college—ONE SHEET RESUMES!  If I can’t scan it within 3 seconds, it goes to the bottom of the pile.

(4)-Follow up.  Another surprising fact–95% of job candidates do not follow up.

(5)-Send a handwritten note after the interview.  Only about 1% actually do  this,  and it makes all the difference in the world..Make sure its hand written.  Typed envelopes will sit on a busy executive’s desk for weeks–Handwritten ones get read immediately.

(6)- Don’t complain about your past employer.

(7)- Don’t complain about anything for that matter.

(8)-Show how you can help the bottom line or eliminate expenses–All that really matters in business.

(9)-Don’t lie on your resume–It will be discovered.

(10)- Don’t post stupid things on Facebook that make you look like an idiot.

Do all ten of these things and I guarantee you at least get a 2nd interview–Good luck–(Now go delete all those ridiculous Facebook pictures)

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