It’s Not Easy Being Green

I watched the Muppet movie with my daughter this weekend.  Those Disney folks are brilliant at combining adult emotional cues in with the entertainment of kids.  Most of the shows on the Disney channel capture both audiences extremely well..The result? Parents actually don’t mind watching shows with their kids—Brilliant.

The Muppet movie really made you relive the 80’s, while introducing a whole new generation to Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang.  Most of our memories are linked together by the glue of sound.  Sound and smell are the two driving forces of long term memories that evoke emotions–

Let’s go back 15 years.. Click on this link…Close your eyes…And remember everything that was going on in your world..

Click Here

Did you try it?  The movie actually used this sound bite while introducing the 80’s robot. The real year you remember this from though is  1996–Everywhere you went you got a free America online disk.  You and your friends were  on America Online, CompuServe or Prodigy.  Bill Clinton was bidding for a second term.  9/11 was still five years away. 

 Yes the power of sound.  A certain song can make you relieve the first day of school, the entire 7th grade or  remember your first kiss.   Yes I’m a radio guy, so maybe you think I’m not partial.  I’m also a marketing guy, so I know the way to get someone to trust you, and perhaps buy from you, is to invoke emotions.  People like to pretend they are logical, but they are not..

Find a way to pierce the heart, and trust will follow– Just like Disney did with the Muppet Movie..Now go out and relive a little of the magic of your youth

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