Blackberry–Apple? Or Wang?

So–I love my Blackberry–I mean really love it–I stream Pandora, I take snapshots of QR codes—Post videos right to YouTube–It does everything I want it to do–Yes the blackouts really sucked last month, but I don’t get rid of my car because I need an oil change–Blackberry has done  so much good, and it is disheartening when the world turns its back so quickly.  I also have a Playbook which I love–Imagine, the ability to log online tethered to my Bold with no extra monthly sees–And in Flash!  Ok, so flash is going away–but still…

Yes the Apps are awful–Blackberry is not known  for their apps, but even that is getting  better–So my question…Will Blackberry make it?  Be bought up by a company like Vodaphone?  Can it re-invent itself?   Or will Blackberry be thrown on the  Wang garbage heap. 

Is the new Bold or Touch the savior of Blackberry? Or  is to little to late?—Take a  peek at the new specs and let me know what you think|0872d6b8-f1f4-d7a9-2348-00004f645017

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