The 70’s

 Some of my fondest memories as a kid was sitting by my little Emerson battery operated radio listening to top 40 songs on WHYN 560–An added thrill was when I was listening for my school cancellation on a snow day–But that’s another post for another day–

Flash forward to my fat 44 year old self, and I still find myself stirring up those 11 year old kid feelings 33 years later..So Naturally I love that era for music (Much to my wife’s dismay)–I enjoy programming my Pandora to all things 70’s–circa 1972-1979…Then it hit me..rather suddenly…Any 70’s hit or artist I put into my Pandora station will bring up Michael McDonalds’ voice within three songs–He may have been solo, with Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, or singing back up for Christopher Cross or Carly Simon—But mark my words–Mikey will show up within three songs—Test me–Try it for yourself–

The power of music and the human voice—As you ponder my rather obscure find I leave you with this.

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