Writing a radio commercial part I

Don’t do vanilla.  Be bold.  Take a chance in order to cut through.

Remember: over-advertised-to-consumers respond to

Make it sound real..not like a sales pitch

60’s work FAR BETTER than 30’s

Don’t be an ‘also ran.’..Be original…take chances

Create a headline that gets attention and makes you want to hear more.

Use ‘power words’ in headline…(More on that in another post)

The opening sentence should speak directly to the listener

 Tell a story

Limit the product/offer/call-to-action to one thing if possible

Is a theme necessary?

Include clear call-to-action. Give a deadline.

Convey urgency

Be creative, but don’t let creativity obscure the message

Don’t use two-person dialogue unless you have actors…Dj’s rarely can act–It will sound hokey

Have the client record the spot if they are passionate

Give directions, contact info in a way that they can be remembered/acted upon by a person who is out jogging

Use websites, facebook, or twitter–listeners will not remember phone numbers

Anticipate all objections consumers might have

Offer a solution to a problem

Emotion sells

Find the listeners pain

State the problem or create the opportunity; explain how to solve it or bring it about; demonstrate how your product accomplishes it.

Keep sentences short

Cut through the clutter by being memorable

A commercial should sound like a note you left for your best friend–You wouldn’t say “They had all the name brands you know and love”

Don’t be cliché!  It sounds phoney…Your customers are smarter than that

Under promise–over deliver—(ok maybe that’s a bit cliché!)

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