We Write Ads or People Die

This time of year is magical, frustrating, and wonderful all rolled into one.  Will you hit your 2011 budgets?  How much will they raise your goals for 2012.  Christmas parties, endless Christmas music, and my daughter changing her Christmas list to Santa ten times a day.  So how do I cut through the clutter and clear my mind?  I write some ads!  Good ads.  Radio ads that are memorable and make you raise the volume  in your car.  Ones that make you think.  Ones that make you relive a piece of your life that made you smile. 

Writing ads is how I relax..I know it’s crazy.  Try it sometime.  Think of a great stories you tell your friends at holiday parties.  The ones that make them laugh and gather around.  Take those stories, condense them down to 60 seconds, and go create some magic on the radio.

In the meantime, get inspired and enjoy my favorite YouTube clip on the power of the copywriter.

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