She Blinded Me With Science!—Or Was It Art?

You can buy advertising anywhere.  Radio, billboards, TV, Google, Facebook, direct mail, cable, gas stations, park benches, sky writers—Hell, you can even put your logo on one of those blue hockey pucks in a urinal.  Yes, you can advertise just about anywhere, but should you?  The answer is relatively simple–Advertise where you can afford to hit the largest audience with the most frequency– consistently!—That’s the Science.   Oh Yea–Be Creative!  That’s the Art.

 To put it more directly, there are four keys to good advertising—Reach—Frequency—Consistency—Creative.   The first three are the science—The last one is the art.   Break anyone of them at your own peril.

(1)-Reach enough people with your message to make a real difference.  Broadcast is the best way to accomplish this.

(2)-Reach them frequently. Find loyal audiences that allow you to get a lot of repetition.  This is essential to make your business desired before it’s required.

(3)-Whatever medium you choose, you need to do it Consistently.  Mindshare is fleeting – you must maintain it or it will disappear.

(4)-Use high-quality, emotional & compelling Creative.  Nothing can kill a marketing investment more quickly than poor-quality or flat creative. 

Advertising can take your business to new heights.  It just has to be used properly.  The four keys are the easiest ways to test your current campaign, and to ensure success for future advertising endeavors.

Go unlock some advertising magic…


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