Crappy Creative


It doesn’t matter if its print, social, TV, radio, digital.  Crappy Creative will get you crappy results.  You can hyper target, and get analytics on anything, but if you can’t cut through the clutter your campaign will fail.

Spend the time and money to make sure the message gets through.  Reach, frequency, consistency, impressions are all based in science.  Creative is all art, and art is where the magic takes place.  I feel a list coming on.  Here are 20 quick thoughts to enhance your message.

  1. Pierce the heart, open the pocketbook.
  3. People just EXPECT your technicians to be trained.
  4. If someone can hear/see your ad, they know you are “conveniently located”
  5. If it sounds/looks like an ad, it probably won’t be very effective.
  6. Be bold.  Separate yourself.
  7. Convey urgency if it’s an event.
  8. Tell a Story. Make it interesting!
  9. Don’t allow creativity to obscure the message.
  10. Don’t use two-person dialogue unless you have actors. Never have an actor talk about the features!
  11. Don’t put a phone number on the radio. Spend the time branding the name and benefits. Honest, people know how to Google.
  12. Anticipate objections potential buyers might have.
  13. State the problem that product solves or opportunity it creates.
  14. Communicate to an individual one-on-one, not to a group.
  15. Use sound effects that helps create “theater of the mind”.
  16. Capture the imagination.
  17. Be emotional and sensual, rather than rational and logical.
  18. Emotions sell.  Logic closes
  19. Talk like you would to a friend. Friends don’t talk about all the “well lit parking”
  20. Run great creative long enough to brand the mental Rolodex of the consumer. Just because you’re sick of hearing it, doesn’t mean the vast majority of the audience has even heard it yet.

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