50 things NOT to do in Sales


So, I’m fifty and love lists.  I thought it would be fun to rip through fifty things NOT to do in sales.  Some are silly. Some are my own. Some I need reminders about daily. Others I’ve learned (*see ripped off) over the years.  Feel free to add your own and let me know ones I missed or should be updated…..

1. Don’t brag.
2. Don’t wing it.
3. Don’t be a slob.
4. Don’t be canned.
5. Don’t rely on hope.
6. Don’t get defensive.
7. Don’t one-up others.
8. Don’t make excuses.
9. Don’t close too soon.
10. Don’t do it all yourself.
11. Don’t beg for business.
12. Don’t be condescending.
13. Don’t flirt with customers.
14. Don’t always be the hero.
15. Don’t negotiate price first.
16. Don’t say, “To be honest…”
17. Don’t ignore buying signals.
18. Don’t bash your competition.
19. Don’t recite your credentials.
20. Don’t take failure personally.
21. Don’t spread industry rumors.
22. Don’t disappear after the sale.
23. Don’t be late for appointments.
24. Don’t talk too much about yourself.
25. Don’t take rejection personally.
26. Don’t talk more than you listen.
27. Don’t prove the customer wrong.
28. Don’t treat support staff like peons.
29. Don’t always be the life of the party.
30. Don’t complain about personal stuff.
31. Don’t make a sales call unprepared.
32. Don’t tell jokes – use humor instead.
33. Don’t be embarrassed to be in sales.
34. Don’t treat customers like conquests.
35. Don’t ask for 30 minutes and take 60.
36. Don’t ignore networking opportunities.
37. Don’t think your product will sell itself.
38. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver.
39. Don’t try to clone someone else’s style.
40. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals.
41. Don’t cease looking for new customers.
42. Don’t take forever to return phone calls.
43. Don’t always quote the lowest price first.
44. Don’t forget to ask lots of great questions.
45. Don’t recite every feature to customers.
46. Don’t talk about commission with customers.
47. Don’t make assumptions about your customer.
48. Don’t forget personal things about your customers.
49. Don’t sell something that the customer doesn’t need.
50. Don’t try to close a sale with someone who can’t make a decision.

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