Ode to the Salesperson


Today there is silence…. And a dream.

Tomorrow that silence is replaced by an idea.

That idea is sold to a business.

That business sells the idea to the masses.

The masses respond. That business grows, profits, prospers.

More inventory is needed…More space, more vehicles, more supplies, more resources, more people. Each new phase of expansion triggers a chain reaction of growth. This process is repeated affecting millions of people along the way.  From farmers to day care providers, the tide raises all ships. All great ideas have to be sold.

Electricity had to be sold.  Radio had to be sold.

Cars had to be sold. Television had to be sold.

The internet had to be sold. Social Media had to be sold

Every idea that is sold pumps billions of dollars into the economy.  Dollars that support research, charities, your neighbor. And dollars that allow the next great idea to be sold…replacing the silence… Breathing life into the next dream.

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