Crop Circles

This is happening right now in the sales world. Yes, Covid-19 has been horrible. Yes, its harder to reach decision makers. Yes, you are going to have to find new and creative ways to survive. It’s easy to blame Covid-19 for everything, but the problem is not just with Coronovirus, the problem is you didn’t have enough in the pipeline.

Enough in the pipe makes a lot of problems and sins go away. Cancellations, stalled deals, and losses to the competition don’t sting as much when you have ten other deals to fall back on. The other sales killer is counting on one deal for everything. You go from persistent to pest. Once that prospect smells your commission breath you’re dead.

Sales is about communicating, building relationships and serving enough people that your calendar is always full…..No white space. Always working to help the next client. Believing in what you sell so much that you KNOW you are doing a disservice when someone doesn’t buy.

Pick up the phone……Stop selling and start communicating.  Ask someone new how they are coping in this environment. Don’t just make a sales call, start a new conversation.  Sow the seeds and get your pipeline full……And once you hit your budget, take a few minutes to relax and find that crop circle website

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