ABC’s (L-Em-N-O-P)


Do you remember that great billboard you saw last year? How about that terrific Google search you did over the holidays?  Or that lazy Saturday afternoon last Fall you spent channel surfing cable……..No?  You can’t remember those milestones?

Now, how about the opening of Seinfeld?  Do you hear that bass? Bom, bom, bom, bom.  We remember, learn, and understand through auditory repetition.  Inflections, tone, pitch, it all goes into how we retain knowledge. Can you imagine learning your A,B,C’s without the sing songy L-Em-N-O-P jammed together as one word?  Now that you are running the ABC song through your mind, what letter do you pause on? If you said G, you are just like the rest of the English speaking world.  You currently have the lyrics to thousands of songs bopping around your brain that you never intended on learning.

The song My Woman from Tokyo by Deep Purple is forever ruined for me because 35 years ago a college DJ at Holyoke Community College changed Tokyo to Holyoke in the chorus.  So every time I hear the song I still hear him saying HOLYOKE.  I heard that version one time 35 years ago!

Every moment of our lives has a song track, theme, jingle, or other type of auditory cue that brings us back to that day.  The power of words, sound & audio creates an emotional vibration that can’t be captured by any other means. Try watching a movie with no music during the dramatic scenes, or a sitcom with no laugh track. Something just seems off, because sound is what brings out the richness and emotional energy of life.

If you are a company looking to tell your story, tell it!  But remember people justify with logic, but they buy based on emotion.  Emotions are created with words and sounds.  A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but the right chosen word is worth 10,000 pictures.


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