Mine Is Bigger than Yours!–The Ballad of Black Friday

I dare you to try and enjoy  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” without seeing  285 Black Friday commercials—This year Wal-Mart even used AC/DC’s “Back and Black” as the official Wal-Mart song for the day after Thanksgiving–With one hour left until Black Friday comes to a close, I thought I’d write an open letter to Wal-Mart about how they could change the entire Holiday shopping fiasco with a single act of Black Friday rebellion.

However, before I do, let me explain why the most famous shopping day of the year has gone hay wire.  The day after Thanksgiving used to be the cherry on top of a retail year–an extra jump start to the holidays. Slowly it became a necessity for a store to make a profit for the year. Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears and Macy’s were the big boys, opening up around 6am.  Well, 6am became 5a, than 4am, and now its midnight the night before–and every retail store in the country offers earlier and bigger sales.  Anything to lure holiday shoppers in.  It has become a “mine is bigger than yours” retail jungle. Not to mention the Black Friday bomb threats and shoppers being maced for rioting.

 I chose Wal-Mart because they are the biggest, and most Black Friday shoppers seem to end up there.   (And usually there is at least one story about someone being crushed trying to get the GI Joe with the kung fu grip)

So, here is my idea for America’s biggest retailer.  Take all that advertising and say, “As America’s largest retailer we have decided to change the rules for Holiday shopping”.  Than proceed to come up with a new day.  My choice would be”Blue Monday” (Wal-Mart’s colors, plus they could use Foreigners’ “Blue Monday” since they seem to like classic rock)…Wal-Mart could change thinking and shopping habits.  If  Monday won’t work, use another day.  Maybe the Friday before Christmas.   Think about the message.  “Our  shoppers mean a lot to us–Black Friday has become inconvenient and dangerous…this year spend it with your families,  because Wal-Mart is introducing  “Blue Monday”-(Or whatever day is decided on).  Offer sales on Black Friday, but do the deep discounting on Blue Monday.  I bet some shoppers would even save some of their budgets waiting for Wal-Mart’s sale day. 

I’ve been criticized about this Blog taking complex issues and making them too simple.  Life is much more complicated.  It doesn’t have to be–every great idea sounded ridiculous in the beginning.  Let’s make 2012 a year where we get back to basics and make life simpler.  Something needs to change—or pretty soon Black Friday sales will begin on the 4th of July.

You’re welcome Wal-Mart!

2 thoughts on “Mine Is Bigger than Yours!–The Ballad of Black Friday

  1. ralph conte says:

    After this yrs fiasco, this will happen next yr. Although the guy getting crushed to death at walmart a couple if yrs ago should have been enough for them to change marketing plans.

    1. craigswimm says:

      Big sales become like a drug—Sooner or later it takes more and more for the same effect—-
      Quality, Quality, Quality—-Better to be clean and successful—Does BMW deep discount?

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