Trust & Brands


If you are reading this, you have a brand, are thinking about starting a new venture in hopes of building a brand, or you just really love blogs about brands.

Whatever your reason the main point in this article is that brands are about trust.  Brands are about being known and trusted BEFORE  you’re needed. Let’s take a brand like Coke.  Do you trust them? I don’t mean do your trust the VP of Marketing to watch your kids, I mean do you trust when you take a swig that it will be enjoyable and you won’t die?

Now, what if Coke sponsored a bullshit conspiracy theory on Facebook? Or placed an ad in the middle of a fake news story on some alt website? (Right or left…doesn’t matter) Do you still trust them? Would you want your brand connected to anything that would question your integrity?

One last set of questions.  As far as trust in the media, rate the following:  Facebook, Twitter, Local TV, Local Radio, Google…..Not because I’m the great Kreskin, (Millennials-look him up) but here is how 95% of the people I ask this question answer in order of best to worst: Radio, TV, Twitter, Google, Facebook.

Full disclosure. I’m in radio, so if you think I’m being a bit biased,  maybe I am.  Perhaps however, maybe I’m just pointing out something that you already knew.  Trust is everything. Broken trust is rarely regained.  YOUR brand is everything. Pick your advertising wisely.



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