World Wide Dread

A couple of quick tips to blend your traditional advertising into the digital age. Save time, money, energy and aggravation. (Mostly mine)

You don’t need to say WWW.  We get it, there is a world wide web. You don’t need to say it, write it, post it, or even think it.  Leave WWW’s back in 2005 where they belong.

For that matter, you don’t need to type in “near me” when Googling where to grab a great  burrito.  Google knows exactly where you are, how hungry you are and what you’re thinking at all times.  Really!

Why oh why are people still putting their phone numbers on billboards, radio ads, or even TV?  Noone is ever going to pull over and write down your number.  Evvvva!  Even if they did stop their car and create a ten car pile up, they wouldn’t remember your number as they fumble for their license and registration.

Use your website and keep it updated with lots of cool stuff so your favorite search engine can find you organically. Bing, Duck Duck Go, Start Page, there are a ton. In the end most people use GTS. Google that shit. So know your Google!

I know what you are thinking. I can’t afford to pay Google to make me show up on the 1st page of a search. But, you can make sure you have a great website, updated SEO, and a cool URL name. Do you think someone will remember or 888-555-5217 when they need insurance? Blast that name as far as the eyes can see and ears can hear. You will be remembered and known BEFORE you’re needed.

Yes, is available without the pre WWW. Consider it my gift to you for reading the entire post. Happy marketing!

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