You’ve got the best, cheapest, oldest, newest….Blah. Blah. Blah.  Do people really care? They do if it relates to them.  The best way to relate is through connecting, communicating and conversations…..And the best way to do that is by telling great stories.

One of the biggest misconceptions in advertising is the creative.  Some believe you can just throw it out there and people will start showing up. While all advertising needs REACH, FREQUENCY, and CONSISTENCY, the real lost art is great CREATIVE.

Creativity is not “click me” buttons on banner ads and telling the audience about being in business since 1938.  Great creative needs to tell a story to engage the target audience, and every great story usually has some form of the following four elements:

  • A hero
  • A villain
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

How can you include these story telling essentials in a Facebook post or 30 second radio commercial?  By practicing and experimenting until you find which ones get clicks, visits, but most importantly, the cash register to ring.  The hero could be your offer, or maybe the audience for taking action.  The villain could be the status quo, higher prices, or inferior competition.  The conflict  could be whatever pain  your prospect  is currently experiencing.  Resolution is how their life will be better because you are now part of it.

Stories don’t have to be long to be remembered.  They need to connect to the audience on an emotional level and have a payoff for those took the time to hear more.

Tell your story, make it interesting and show your audience  what you’re all about.

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