Would You Tell Your Best Friend?

No, I’m not proposing some ethical question because your friend’s wife is cheating on him…The question I raise has to do with your advertising message. No matter what type of advertising you do, would the person reading, seeing, or hearing the message want to tell their friend about what you have to say? Example: “John, you just have to get over to Mega Mart–They are so conveniently located, have been in business for 40 years, and they have all the names we know and love”–Guess what? This is pure crap–But it sounds like a commercial doesn’t it? Aren’t commercials supposed to sound like commercials? NO!

Commercials’, texts, tweets, posts, are supposed to be interesting! Interesting and about the recipient. People don’t care about your product or service–They care about themselves..Same example from above..
“Hey John—I noticed you still have a tree down in your back yard from the storm–Need a hand with it?”–“Thanks I burned out my chainsaw–I just need to get a new one”–“Really, Mega mart has a sale on husqvarnas this weekend”

Now if the actors in this commercial don’t sound like they are acting, it could be a winner. Same Mega mart ad, but geared to real life. Same goes with tweets and posts. Always make it about the listener/viewer. Cut through the clutter, make it interesting, but most importantly, make it real….The next time you are ready to hit the enter button on any type or advertising message, ask yourself if you would ever compose a letter to your best friend with the info–If you wouldn’t, work on the copy.

Consumers want value and not to be screamed at with cliché marketing messages. The 2011 shopper is far more savvy they you give them credit for.. They see right through 1950’s “Madmen” tactics…(Although I do love the show!)—Stop making it about you..People don’t care unless it’s about them.

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