Create a S.P.L.A.S.H—(Part I)

Does  your message make  a  S.P.L.A.S.H?  Ok..My last name is Swimm, so you know my copywriting philosophy has to revolve around some type of water reference–So I will not disappoint…Does your message make a Splash?–I will get into these in much more depth in the upcoming weeks, but for now I will keep it real simple—Your copy should:



L— Can you use LAUGHTER?


S— Do you have a  SLOGAN?

H–Do you hit HOT  Buttons/invoke emotions?

Aren’t acronyms fun?  Lot more where this came from—Stay tuned and we will dissect these and have some fun in the process….In the meantime concentrate on the most important—Tell stories and paint pictures.  Do you remember learning to drive?  Close your eyes and re live it.  Do you remember how you felt?  Were you scared? Excited? Did your teacher (Probably your Dad) have patience?–Are you back there now?  How about Your Grandmother making a pie before Thanksgiving. Can you smell it?  Can you here her voice?—Or how about your first kiss?  Paint pictures, tell stories, use emotions–make  it interesting–Tap into the theater of the mind..Words mean things–Make them work for you

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