Death Of The Dreamer


corvetteEvery website I visit now has a little disclaimer box to click explaining how transparent they are.  How they want to cater my ad experience to things I care about.  Only sending me ads on things I currently am interested in misses the bigger picture……Building a brand.  It perpetuates our quick fix, instant culture by going after the easy money.  Targeting is great for things I want now, but what about tomorrow?

If my daughter talks about how she likes the new Honda Civic, and I spend some time researching and browsing for more information, guess what the Google Gods will now serve up?  Honda Civics.  Red ones, blue ones, older models, newer models.  I’m now a Honda Civic man.

What if I’m really not?  What if that is what the current budget allows for?  What if I’m really a brand new Corvette guy? The web has no clue, and no way to remind me daily that I really want a Vette.

I’m just using a car as an example. It could be anything on your dream wish list that you haven’t researched on Google yet.  That is why branding and advertising for the next sale is so important.  Intrusive reminders through TV, radio, billboards, print.  People change, situations change, finances change. Companies forget they are advertising to a marching parade, not a standing army.

So go after the person who is currently interested in buying your product/service.  Just never give up branding to the next person you don’t know exists yet. Remind them, show them, help them dream.




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